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Subject Guide: Christian Worldview

How to Find
Good & Relevant Information
about Christian Worldview



How to Find Good Information about
Christian Worldview


      From Others - recommended sources from:


Faculty, Scholars, & Practitioners
Use footnotes & bibliographies from their books & articles - called Citation Searching (2:08)

Recom'd search tools: OneSearch, ATLA Religion Database, CU Books & Media, OhioLINK, Google Scholar


      By Yourself - check these out first:


Sponsoring Organization's or Publisher's Credibility

URL domain? .edu .org or .gov better than .com or .net
Advertising?          Mission?
Credible editors?   Other resources they produce?

Click here for Evaluating Internet Sources (2:51)


Author's Credentials

Education & experience to support topic?
Affiliated with reputable school or organization?    Not too bias?
Referred to by credible people?        Refers to credible people?

Click here for Assessing Information (2:56)




How to Find Relevant Information about
Christian Worldview


Examples of ways to find relevant information


1. Simple searching
     Search christian worldview (244,300+ results) or "christian worldview" (17,000+ results)
           Try Limiting your search (0:51)

2. Limit by Subject
     Search SU christian worldview (250+ results) or DE "christian worldview" (20 results
            How to do Subject Searching? (2:26)    Which is better SU or DE?

3. Limit by And, Or, Not
     Search DE "christian worldview" AND science (10 results)
            How to do Boolean Searching? (2:57)

4. Limit by Publication Date
     Search SU christian worldview Limit to 2008-2017 (140+ results) (left column)

5. Limit by Source Type

     Articles (2 options)
      Search SU christian worldview Limit to Scholarly (peer-reviewed) Journals (150 results) (left column)
             Why use Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Articles? (3:09)

     Books (3 options) Also try CU Books & Media or book list to the left.

              Textbooks: Book Chapters:

       Go to Amazon Textbooks

Search SU christian worldview

       Search "christian worldview" (490+ results)

Limit to Books (left column) (20+ results)

       Click Christian Apologetics (55+ results


       Click 4 Stars Customer Review (35 results

Search SU christian worldview AND encyclopedia (1 result)

       Click Publication Date (most recent 1st)