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Library DIY: Finding a specific item

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Looking for a specific book?

1) Let's say you're looking for Mere Christianity, a book by C.S. Lewis. Type the title of the book into OneSearch (add quotes around the title to find an exact match) and click Search.



2) If the library has the book, you'll see it listed on the results page, usually as the first result.



Looking for a specific article?


1) You might find articles of interest in reference lists or book bibliographies. For example, let's say you're looking for the following article:

  • Aho, Jacob P., et al. 2013. "Controlling wind energy for utility grid reliability." Mechanical Engineering 135, no. 9: 4-12.

Type the title of the article into OneSearch (remember to put quotes around the title) and click Search:



2) If the library has the article, you'll see it listed on the results page. You should see links to access the article in full text, either as a PDF or HTML.

Above photo: By U.S. Navy photo by Airman Ricardo J. Reyes. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Additional Links

Need more help finding a specific item?

For articles, click on the    icon on the OneSearch results page if you don't immediately see a PDF or HTML link for full-text.

We may have the article in full-text in another location.



Here are some additional options for finding a specific item:

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