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Writing with Write-N-Cite (MS Word)

1) Now that you're logged into Write-N-Cite, select the citation style you'll be using for your paper


2) You can begin inserting in-text citations as you write your paper. Click on Insert Citation, then Insert New


3) You will be prompted to select the folder where your reference is stored, and then the reference itself. Click on OK to insert the reference into your paper

(Note: If you do not see all of your folders and/or citations listed in this pop-up box, click on the RefWorks/ProQuest tab in Word, and click on 'Log Out'. Try logging back in and see if your folders/citations appear. You might also want to click on 'Sync Database' in the RefWorks/ProQuest tab)


4) The reference will now appear within your paper in the correct citation format (APA is used in this example)



5) When you've finished writing your paper, RefWorks and Write-N-Cite will create a bibliography/reference list for you.

  • Place your cursor at the end of your document, then click Bibiography Options, then Insert Bibliography


6) Your reference list or bibliography will now appear at the end of your paper

(* Review the bibliography to make sure RefWorks cited your references properly - capitalization, punctuation, etc.)