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Finding Scholarly Articles: What is Peer Review?

Types of Periodical Literature

Your professors will often ask you to use "scholarly" or "academic" journal articles in your research.

These articles are typically different than ones you will find in a newspaper or magazine, or online through a Google search.

  Academic / Scholarly Trade Journals Popular / Consumer
Focus Discipline focused (ex. psychology, nursing, theology, etc.) Discipline focused General
Audience Scholarly or academic Professionals General Public
Title Frequently uses the word journal, review, bulletin, quarterly, or research varies varies
Typically published... Monthly or quarterly Weekly or monthly Weekly or monthly
Cover Plain (one- or two-color) Bright, full color Bright, full color (glossy)
Pagination Usually continously paginated across issues Paginated by issue Paginated by issue
Ads Contains few ads Color ads related to discipline Ads throughout issue
Article Titles Long Factual and short Sensational and short
Articles Long, usually with charts & graphs, bibliography at end, and peer-reviewed Shorter than scholarly Usually short, with accompanying pictures
Authors Author is specialist in field Author is specialist or practitioner Author is journalist or not listed
Examples Journal of Pediatric Nursing AdWeek Sports Illustrated


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