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MediaPLEX: Ellison Die Cuts

Cutting Guidelines

There is no charge to use the Ellison Die cuts.

Paper is available for purchase in the MediaPLEX.

We do ask that you put away all dies and throw away paper scraps when you finish.


Step by Step

 1.  Pick out a wooden die shape

2.  Trim your paper to fit in Ellison Press.  Align the paper on the rubber side of the die and then place on the tray paper side down.

3.  Slide the whole tray to the left until the wooden die is under the press.

4.  Pull the handle in the clockwise motion.  Repeat this step if cutting more than one piece of paper. (one pull for each piece of paper)

5.  Return handle to the uprigt position, slide the tray back to the right.  Lift up the wooden die and the shape will be cut out of the paper.


The MediaPLEX has 3 different Ellison fonts and sizes.

Block 4" Upper  & Lower Case                        D'Nealian 3" Upper Case                     Vagabond 4" Upper & Lower Case

Block 4" Numbers                                           D'Nealian 4" Lower Case                      Vagabond 4" Numbers

Block 2" Upper & Lower Case                         D'Nealian 4" Numbers                          Lollipop Upper case & Numbers (New)

Block 2" Numbers


Ellison Borders


Apple Desk Plate, Birthday, Bow, Children#2, City, Desert, Fence, Filmstrip, Grass, Holly, Icicle, Ivy, Road, Sailboat, Scallop, Stars, Train Track #1, Train Track #2, Turkey, Waves 


Dies by Name

Acorn, Airplane #2, Airplane #3, Angel, Ant, Apple, Award, Award (tiny), Balloons, Barbeque/Grill, Barn, Baseball hat, Basketball, Bat/ball/glove, Beach chair, Beach umbrella, Bee, Bicycle, Bicycle helmet, Bingo card, Bingo markers, Binoculars, Bird #1, Bird #3, Bird house, Bird nest, Birds (baby), Birthday cake, Book open, Bookmark bookworm, Bookmark Pencil, Books shelved, Bow, Boy, Brontosaurus, Butterfly, Button, Camel, Camera (Photo), Campfire, Candy, Candy cane, Car, Card (Flower Fold), Carousel, Carousel horse, Castle, Cat, caterpillar, Cement truck, Christian fish, Christmas caroler, Christmas light, Clock face, Clock hands, Clothes pin, Clouds, Computer Desk Top, Cow, Crayon, Cross, Crown, Daffodil, Dairy group, Diploma, Dog (Collie), Dog (Scottie), Dolphin, Duck, eagle, elephant, Envelope open, Fire station, Fire truck, Fireman, Fish, Flag, Flashlight, Flower, Flower pot, Fortune cookie, Foot Print (Baby), Four leaf clover, Frog, Gate, Gingerbread man, Giraffe, Girl, Globe, Graduate cap, Grasshopper, guitar, Hammer, Hand (Don't forget), Handprint (baby), Happy, Happy face (tiny), Hat (knight), Hat (maiden), Heart #1, Heart #2, Ice cream cone, Jingle bell, Kangeroo, Key, King, Kite, Knife/Fork/Spoon, Knight on horse, Lady bug, Lamb, Leaf (oak), Leaf (jungle), Liberty bell, Light bulb, Lighthouse, Lightning bolt

Lily pad, Lincoln ( Abraham), Lion, Locomotive, Log cabin, Man, Magnifying glass, Mail box, Maple (leaf), Mask Comedy, Mask tragedy, Mittens, Moon & Stars, Mouse, Motorcycle, Nativity (Donkey, Joseph, Manger, Mary, Shepherd, Wiseman), No Sign Symbol, Nurse, Nutcracker, Organs, Owl, Paintbrush, Palm tree, Party hat, Patriot & Drum, Penguin, Piano, Picnic basket, Pig, Pilgrim man, Pilgrim woman, Planets, Poinsettia, Policeman, Praying boy, Praying Girl, Praying hands, Pumpkin, Puppet ( frog), Puzzle Pieces 4A-C, Queen, raccoon, Rabbit, railroad crossing, Rainbow, Raindrops, Recycle symbol, Reindeer, Rocket ship, Roller skate, Rose #1, Rose #2, Sailboat, Sailing ship, Scarecrow, Senses (taste, touch, eye, ear, nose), Salamander, School bell, School bus, School house, Shell, Signal (Traffic), Skeleton parts 1-3, Skunk, Snowflake #1 & #4, Snowman, Soccer ball, Solider (toy), Spider, Squirrel, Stage coach, Star, Statue of Liberty, Stethoscope, Stop Sign, Sun, Sunflower, Super, Teddy bear, Telephone, Toothbrush/tooth, Tractor, Treasure chest, Tree, Tree (bare), Truck, Tulip, Turkey, Turtle, Tornado Tyrannosaurus, Umbrella, Unicorn, USA, Wagon, Washington (George), Water lily, Watermelon slice, White house, Wishing well, Woman, Xmas stocking, Xmas wreath/bow, Zebra

(Not all dies are pictured, new dies are in Pink)



Extra Large Dies

Balloon (Hot Air), Bushel basket, Beehive, Card (Window #3), Card (Window #9), Christmas tree, Clipboard, Clock Face, Cornucopia, Envelope, Face, Flower parts, Food Pyramid, Game board, Game pieces, Gingerbread house, Gumball machine, Mask antlers, Noah's Ark, Noah's Ark Animals, Palette, Patriot, Jefferson, Puzzle #3, Scroll, Stage (Card Diorama), Swing Set, USA Puzzle (1-5)


Special Sets

Math Shapes

Circle, Circle 1" / 4", Circle 2"/3", Circle 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, Oval, Rectangle, Rhombus, Square, Tangram, Trapezoid, Triangle, Flashcard (top & bottom)

Music Dies

Music #1-#7 ( notes & symbols)

Train Set

Boxcar, Locomotive, tank, Caboose