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The Research Process (Nursing)


Here at Cedarville - and beyond - you will be presented with information needs:

  •    Your Bible professor may ask you to write a research paper on the Psalms
  •    Your economics professor may ask you to create a start-up business proposal
  •    Your supervisor may ask you to summarize the earnings of retail stores in Greene County

In any of these cases, you are given an information need or problem and it's up to you to find a solution. And, most likely, you've already acquired some researching skills...

  •     You Google something or search Wikipedia
  •     You talk with friends or family
  •     You consult with professors
  •     You watch or listen to the news
  •     You check your phone

Research is a process, which includes these types of skills along with other methods. It has been defined as a "systematic investigation involving collecting and analyzing data to develop or contribute to knowledge" (Mason & Gomez-Feliciano, 2012).

This guide will help you through the research process. Click on the Overview tab on this page to begin.

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