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How To Do Research: Getting Started

Hard Work but Rewarding

What to expect?

When getting started
-apprehension and uncertainty
When selecting a topic
-confusion & (maybe)
When trying to find information
-uncertainty & (maybe) threat
When bringing info together
+optimism & confidence
When collecting information
+confidence & increased interest
When preparing to present
+satisfaction or -disappointment
Just keep 
   your eye
   on the

Research Appointment

Make a
with a
Reference Librarian

+Save time with research!
+Plan your research strategy.
+Choose good search terms.

+Find the best information.

Make an Research Appointment by clicking here.

Research Is Like a Group Discussion!

Research Is Like a
Group Discussion

We learn by exchanging ideas with others and systematically discovering and studying those ideas with them.

Research as a Discussion includes:

  • Planning Ahead - showing initiative and resourcefulness and choosing a topic
  • Choosing a Group Discussion - recognizing people who are qualified to discuss a topic
  • Listening to the Discussion – getting access to discussions on our topic by qualified people
  • Understanding the Discussion - understanding what we hear about our topic from qualified people
  • Making Your Own Discoveries and Conclusions - putting ideas together and making inferences from what we hear
  • Sharing Your Discoveries and Conclusions - using what we learn and sharing it with others
You may need to do these actions
over and over before you finish.


Help Is Here!

Who do I ask if I need help with research?


can help you plan your schedule for research and organize your findings.
can help you in every stage of your research.


can help you in every stage of your research.

can help you at the beginning and end of your research.