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BUS 3000: The Business Experience

A research guide for Prof. Guernsey's class.

BUS 3000: The Business Experience

Occupation, Employer, and Cost of Living Evaluation

Occupation Evaluation

  • Choose an occupation of interest.  Your choice of occupation should reflect your skills, passions, and personal interests.
  • Use the Occupation Worksheet to document your findings about this occupation.

Employer Evaluation

  • Find an employer/organization that would employ someone like you in that occupation.
  • For that selected employer, complete the Employer Worksheet.

Cost of Living Evaluation

  • Complete the Cost of Living Evaluation for two locations.


Submit the three Evaluations (in Moodle or hard copy).

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Research in Occupations

Cost of Living Resources

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Employment and Wage Data

From the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Additional Career Resources


Employer Research

Recruiter | Career & Workplace News

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