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PPHR 1012: The Pharmacy Profession

A research guide students of PPHR 1012: The Pharmacy Profession.


RefWorks is a Web-based bibliography and database manager that allows you to create your own personal database by importing references from the Library catalog and online databases, or manually inputting bibliographic information. You can use these references in writing papers and creating bibliographies.

Tips on Avoiding Plagiarism


  • Quote a phrase or key word
  • Quote a sentence or two only when you cannot possibly rephrase it into your own words
  • Use signal phrases (According to Smith, or Smith explains, . . . )
  • Document with page number (MLA) or page number & date (APA)
  • Remember the quotation marks!   


  • Completely rewrite the original source’s words, syntax (sentence structure), & meaning into your own words and syntax without changing the meaning
  • Synonyms aren’t enough!
  • May be longer than the original