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Citation Guide: AMA

Authors in Bylines & End-of-Text Signatures

AMA Manual 2.2; 2.2.3-4; 3.11.11

General Information

· Bylines - authors may be listed immediately below title or subtitle

· Signatures - authors may be listed at the end of the article

· Include author's full name unless initials are preferred.

· Normally include only highest level of degree or professional


   Exception: Specialized professional certification, degrees, and

   licensure may also be included. e.g. RN, BSN

Multiple Authors

· Use semicolon to separate more than one author.

  Melvin H. Freedman, MD, FRCPC; E. Fred Saunders, MD, FRCP; Louise  
  Jones, MD, PhD; Kurt Grant, RN

Group Authors

· List the group name as the author - IF a byline lists a group whose

   members are all authors of the work.

· Place an asterisk immediately after the group name - IF not all
   members of the group are authors. List actual authors or refer to the

   list - IF it is too long in the footnote on the first page.

   Byline: Cryotherapy for Retinopathy of Prematurity Cooperative Group*

   *This article was prepared on behalf of the Cryotherapy for Retinopahty of

   Prematurity Cooperative Group by Velma Dobson, PhD (chair); Graham E.

   Quinn,  MD, MSCE; C. Gail Summer, MD; Robert J. Hardy, PhD; and Betty Tung,


   Group Information: A complete list of the members of the Cryotherapy for
   Retinopathy of Prematurity Cooperative Group at the 10-ytear examination was  
   published in Archives of Ophthalmology (2001;119[8]:1110-1118).

Single Author For a Group

· Cite the author(s) and the group name (IF there are members of the

   group who did not author the work) with for before the group name.

   William A. Tasman, MD; for the Laser ROP Study Group                      

Single Authors and a Group

· Cite the author(s) and the group name (IF all members of the group

   authored the work) with and before the group name.

   Debra L. Hanson, MS; Susan Y. Chu, Phd; Karen M. Farizo, MD; John W. Ward, 
   MD; and the Adult and Adolescent Spectrum of HIV Disease Project Group

Subgroup as an author

· Cite the subgroup (IF all members of the subgrouop authored the

   work) and its larger group with for before the larger group name.

  Executive Committee for the Symptomatic Carotid Atherosclerotic Study

Authors In Text

AMA Manual 3.7

General Information

· Only use the author's surname in the text. 

  Doe7 reported on the survey.
· Exception: For writing that is less clinical, you may use the author's

   first name or title when first mentioned.

Multiple Authors

· When referring to a resource by 2 authors, include both

   surnames only.

  Doe and Roe8 reported on the survey.
· When referring to a resource by more than 2 authors,
   include the 1st surname followed by "et al" (for individual
   authors) or "and associate" or "and colleagues" for corporate


  Doe et al9 reported on the survey.
· Include the first surname followed by et al (for individual authors)
   or and associate or and colleagues (for corporate authors) when

   referring to a resource by more than 2 authors.

  Doe et al9

Authors in Reference List

AMA Manual 3.7; 3.11.11


· Use II, III, IV instead of 2nd, 3rd, or 4th after the initials.

· Put Roman numerals and Jr or Sr after the initials.

Single Author

· Use author's surname followed by initials without periods.

  Doe JF.

Multiple Authors

· Use semicolon to separate more than one author.
· Do not put and between names.

· Give all authors names up to 6 in the reference list.

  Doe JF, Roe JP.  (2 authors)       

  Doe JF, Roe JP III, Coe RT Jr, Loe JT Sr, Poe EA, van Voe AE.
  (6 authors)                                                                             
· If there are more than 6 authors, give the first 3 authors followed by

   et al.

  Doe JF, Roe JP III, Coe RT Jr, et al.  (more than 6 authors)               

Single Authors For/And a Group

· Include author(s) and for or and the group name only if this

   information is provided in the document.

  Doe JF; and Laser ROP Study Group.

  Ferguson JJ, Califf RM, Antman EM, et al; SYNERGY Trial Investigators.