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Citation Guide: AMA

Capitalization in Titles

AMA Manual 2.1.4; 3.9.1; 3.9.3; 10.2.2

· Books, government bulletins, documents,

   and pamphlets

   1. Capitalize important word, including 2

       word verbs.

   2.  Do not capitalize articles, prepositions of
       3 or fewer letters, coordinating
       conjunctions (and, or, for, nor, but, yet),

       or the to in infinitives.

   3. Capitalize the genus but not the species.

      Staphylococcus aureus

· For journals and book chapters, only

   capitalize the following:

   1. First letter of the first word
   2. Proper names
   3. Abbreviations that are ordinarily

       capiticalized. e.g. DNA, EEG

· Hyphenated compounds in titles and


   1. Capitalize both words...

       If each part of the hyphenated term

       carries equal weight.

      Cost-Benefit Analysis

   2. Captialize the 2nd part...

       If the 1st part is a lowercase Greek letter,
       number, symbol, or italicized organic

       chemistry prefix.


   3. Do not capitalize the 2nd part...
       IF either part is a hyphenated prefix or

      Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
       IF both parts together constitute a single


      Long-term Treatment of Diabetes

Quotation Marks in Titles

AMA Manual 3.9.1, 3.9.3

· Do not enclose article titles or parts of

   books in quotation marks.

· Exceptions: If a title contains quotation
   marks, retain them as double quotation
   marks (unless both double and single

   quotation marks are used).

Italics in Titles

AMA Manual 2.1.4; 3.9.1; 3.9.3

· Italicize titles in books, government

   bulletins, documents, and pamphlets.

· Italicize genus and species names in