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Bible Commentaries

Jeff Gates
Bible and Theology Liaison



What Is a Bible Commentary?

  • Bible commentaries give the background and interpretation of Bible verses and passages.
  • Types of Bible commentaries
    • Evangelical - In this guide, evangelical commentaries assume the Bible is without error (inerrant)
    • Non-Evangelical - In this guide, non-evangelical commentaries assume that the Bible contains errors. We include them because they contain a wealth of information about the biblical text.
  • Bible commentaries for individual books that are listed first tend to be Basic or easier to read; commentaries listed last tend to be more Advanced.

Where Do I Find Bible Commentaries in the Centennial Library?

  • Ebook Bible commentaries
    • Search the CU Books search box on the library website.  Example: bible genesis commentaries
  • Print Bible commentaries
    • Upper level of the Centennial Library, in both the reference and circulating collections.
    • Call numbers 220-228 (see chart below).
    • On the shelves in the order they appear in the Bible (Genesis followed by Exodus, etc.)