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Research as a Conversation: Sharing Your Discoveries & Conclusions

Share Your Discoveries & Insights

Share Your Discoveries & Conclusions about the Topic with the Conversation Group


1.  Reflect upon your research and discoveries


     * What advice would you give to someone researching

      your topic?
    * What do you wish you were told before you started?
    * What have you learned about research?
    * What you did right?
    * How could you improve?
    * What would you do differently?

2. Reflect on your research and discoveres with

    others informally before sharing them formally.

     * email
     * blogs
     * conversations

3. Share your discoveries and insights with others

     * letter to the editor         * articles
     * posters                          * presentations

     * thesis/dissertation       * book

     Preparations for formal presentations

      a. Make an outline or spider diagram

          of main points and subpoints.

      b. Rewrite a draft several times,
          allowing some time between each


      c. Give reasons and support for your position.

      d. Cite sources accurately and ethically.

          Copyright & Fair Use


      e. Make it clear, relevant, and persuasive to the


      f. Make your ideas take center stage and intergrate
          other's ideas into your's.

Your Feedback

Questions for Reflection

1. Did I have a clear focus?
2. Did I use my time well?
3. Did I use good sources?
4. Did I take advantage of help from others, such as teacher & librarian?
5. What did you learn about research that you did not know?
6. What is one thing you learned that you can share with someone else?