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ALHL 4960: Allied Health Seminar

Google Image Search

1. Search Google Images: 


2. Select "Advanced Search" under Settings

Google search of kidneys anatomy. Settings button is highlighted.


3. Look for a drop down for "usage rights". Select any of the options that start with free. 

User-rights drop-down menu with various sharing options.


4. All of the images under the selections of free rights will allow you to know that you can use these images. Once you select one you can change it on the image search screen.  If you do not change this, you will need to be extra diligent regarding citation of the image. 

Images of human and kidney anatomy and a drop-down menu with user rights.

Creative Commons

1. Go to the creative commons search:


2. Enter your search and if needed use the filters on the left side to limit your search. 

Images of human jaw bones and mouth. User rights and image options listed to the left.


3. Use the information provided to complete your citation for that image. 

Attribution and info buttons highlighted. Image attribution information and creative commons license indicated below.


1. Go to Pixabay:


2. After entering a search, use the drop downs to limit the images you are resulting in. 

A Pixabay search bar with the search phrase human heart anatomy. and image options are highlighted below.


3. Use the information provided for your citation information.

Image author information.

Image citation information.