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THTR 1500: Intro to Production Design

Scenic Design - Advanced Research

Your scenic concept should include research of the location and era for the script, in this case Talley's Folly.  To find inspiration for the architecture, interior decor, and furniture of a specific era or setting, use these methods: 


Search CU Books and OhioLINK

  • Search a particular era or design style combined with keywords like "decorative arts" or "architecture" or "interior decoration".  For example, if you search 1940s decorative arts, you'll find books like:

Or search 1940s architecture and find: 

Or since Talley's Folly is set in a Victorian boathouse, search Victorian architecture in OhioLINK: 

Other recommended keywords include:

  • house furnishings
  • rugs
  • tapestry
  • lamps
  • wallpaper
  • architecture domestic


Search ArtStor

Scenic Design - General Research

Recommended books on scenic and set design in general:


CU Books

OhioLINK Books