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LING 3080: Linguistics for Language Learning

Scholarly Books

These books represent just small sample of helpful resources from Centennial Library and OhioLINK:


Language Learning, Second Language Learning, and Bilingualism



Standard American English Resources

Scholarly Books on Linguistic Charateristics of Specific Languages

Finding books on linguistic characteristics of different languages takes some work. Use these tips to get started:


Research Method - Keyword Search:

  • Search CU Books or OhioLINK using keywords that combine:
    • your informant's county of origin or native language with
    • linguistic concepts like "linguistics" or "morphology"

For example, search "Chinese linguistics" or "Mandarin linguistics" and you'll find books like these: 

Research Method - Subject Search:

  • Search CU Books or OhioLINK for subject headings for more precise searching. 
    • Change the search setting from a keyword search to a subject search
    • Type the name of the language you're studying followed by the word "language"
    • Explore all the relevant subcategories like: 
      • Chinese language dialects
      • Chinese language grammar
      • Chinese language handbooks, manuals, etc.
      • Chinese language phonetics

and much more....

Helpful Linguistics Book Series