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How To Do Research: Planning Ahead

Don't Worry!

What to Expect...

Starting a
    project often
   brings feelings
of apprehension

               and uncertainty,

but you will feel better once you get
working on it. 
    So press on!

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Planning Ahead


"But I don't have
 time to do research!"
  I have to Eat...Sleep...Socialize...
  Check Facebook...Play computer


We have time to do what we really want to do!
    What are your priorities?
     1. The grade you want: __A __B __C __D __F
     2. How much you want to learn: __Much __Some __Little 
     3. What you will "pay" to get these: __Time __Money __Sleep
         __Comfort __Less important activities
When you say YES to one thing, you say NO to something else!

    What is the purpose of your research?

     1. Inform?

     2. Persuade?

     3. Entertain?

Who is your audience?

    After deciding that doing research is important to you,
    you can plan to get what you need.
    1. Time - Put study time on your calendar when you
        are most awake and when you’re not rushed.

    2. Place - Set aside a place
where you won’t be
        disturbed to do your research.

    3. Resources - Plan how you will get the resources you need. 

  4. Tools - Make sure you have a computer with the
right software and other tools that you will need
to do your research. RefWorks is a great tool to
keep track of your citations.
    Keep a Research Journal    
    1. Clarity - recording your thoughts & actions when researching
        helps to clarify your thinking.
    2. Feelings - include how you feel when researching.
    3. Things to include:
  • Description of research project
  • All possible topics you are considering
  • What you already know about each possible topic
  • Write information you find as you read
  • List resources consulted
  • Write some questions about each topic
  • Describe conversations you have about the assignment

Help Is Here!

The Cove & Librarians 
can help you plan your
schedule & research strategy!


             The Cove

Know Yourself

   Be aware of your own
   biases on your topic.
   Biases can negatively
affect your research.