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LIT 2430: Survey of British Literature to 1800

Close Readings Tools

JSTOR has great tool called the JSTOR Understanding Series.  This portal lets you select a text, pick a passage, then instantly discover scholarly articles and ebook chapters quoting that passage!

Select Tools from the JSTOR homepage. Search for a title or author at the top of the screen.


Or scroll down to Browse by Collection, like British Literature or Shakespeare:

You'll see many works covered in the course, like Gulliver's Travels or Pride and Prejudice


Now explore the work, line by line! Click on a line to see exactly which JSTOR articles reference that line in their text.

Textual Analysis Tools

Another great tool from JSTOR is the Text Analyzer

Upload a document, like a journal article that you found especially helpful.  The Text Analyzer will help you identify themes or topics in the text, then discover related journal articles to further your research. 


Here's an example when uploading the journal article "Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen's "Patrician Hero""

You can change the prioritization of terms, remove terms, and your own terms, and even select topics! Explore the journal articles on the right side of the screen.