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CHEM 2800: Intro to Research Chemistry

Welcome to Your Chemistry Research Guide!

WELCOME to your CHEM 2800 Library Guide.  In this guide you will explore the scientific writing process and how to develop your skills as an effective communicator. Please take time to review your syllabus and instructions given by your instructor on how best to use this guide in your coursework. 

TO BEGIN: Start by reviewing each tab at the left-hand column to identify the appropriate topic related to your assignment.  I strongly encourage you to carefully walk through each element presented within the page and utilize the links as appropriate. Within each page you will find a reference to the ACS (American Chemical Society) Style Guide which will serve as a foundational reference governing the overall format, style and delivery of your your written work.  Please consult with your instructor as the final authority for establishing course and assignment specific requirements.

HERE TO HELP! As your science librarian, I am here to support you and help you navigate the process of technical writing and scientific research.  Feel free to email me ( or schedule an appointment (see left hand column).  I am excited to serve, so don't be shy! I look forward to working with you this semester. :)

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