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ENG 1400: Composition (Fern)

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Welcome to the course research guide for Dr. Fern's Composition course!

Use the resources below to help you research the accuracy of your chosen film or tv series:

Film and Television Research

These databases focus on analysis of film, tv, and media in general. They also include reviews of films and tv shows.

Check out these websites for film reviews, which can sometimes address a film's accuracy: 

Research on Accuracy of Films or TV Shows

There are lots of tools you can use to assess the accuracy of your chosen film or tv show!



Library databases have journal articles, magazines, and newspaper articles that can help you better understand your movie or tv show and its overall accuracy. Databases usually have a specific subject or discipline focus.

To explore these databases:

For example, if researching the historical accuracy of a film, choose the History subject. If researching the accuracy of a medical drama tv show, chose a subject like Nursing or Pharmacy. Then pick one of the databases listed for that subject and start searching! 



Find books on related to the person, event, or topic depicted in your tv show or movie. Search CU Books for books in our library, and OhioLINK for books that you can request from other colleges across the state.


Search Engines

Search engines like OneSearch or Google Scholar can also help you in your research!