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MSN/DNP & the Library

Essential library services and resources for successful research in the MSN/DNP programs and distance learning

Welcome to MSN/DNP & the Library! This guide will assist those learning virtually and those learning in person. The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to valuable library resources that will help you succeed in research throughout the MSN/DNP program. Included here are tutorials on how to navigate the library website, instructions on accessing library resources remotely,  a list of essential databases, as well as information about the PICO research question, citation help and tools, a list of professional organizations, and additional resources such as books describing EBP and the research process. A link to Cedarville's Writing Center is also included for additional assistance. Please contact the Health Sciences Librarian if you have trouble accessing resources. While at Cedarville, you should not have to pay for articles or other materials. I encourage you to make research appointments with the Health Sciences Librarian at any point in the research process. The library is here to support you in meeting your information and research needs! 


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