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RefWorks: 3. Adding References

A guide to using RefWorks

Adding References to Your Folders

1) Now that you have created folders, you're ready to begin adding references. Open up a new browser tab and go to the library homepage ( Enter in your search terms and click Search


2) As you review your results, click on a resource you'd like to save to RefWorks


3) Click on Export to begin the export process to RefWorks


4) Make sure Direct Export to RefWorks is selected, then click Save


5) Click the button that says 'RefWorks - Export to legacy RefWorks'. You can also check the box next to 'Don't ask me again...' but you may have to check this each time if you're using a public or lab computer on campus.

6) Your RefWorks tab/window should reappear with a popup box and a message that your reference has been imported. Click on the View Last Imported Folder button to view your reference.


7) You can now move your reference into the folder of your choice

Once you have your references stored in your folders, you can use RefWorks to cite your sources properly and write your paper more efficiently.

  • If you'd like to see how to add a reference to RefWorks manually, please view the video below.

Please continue on to Installing Write-N-Cite

Video: Adding References to RefWorks Manually