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A strategy aimed at asking good clinical questions that will help in developing a research question

The PICOT Research Question


The PICO(T)  method is a strategy that will help to phrase a clinical question in a manner that will make your research inquiry more effective.  It can help us to develop a clear research question, identify searchable and appropriate keywords, and analyze what types of studies are best suited to provide clinical guidance. NOTE: The "T" in PICOT is sometimes used to indicate "type of study"  and sometimes used to indicate "time" of intervention.  Either way, it is an optional step and only used it it is helpful in answering the question. Alternatively, "type of study" is often included as a separate exercise once the PICOT question as been developed. (Adapted from Polie, D.F. & Beck, C.T. (2012). Nursing Research: generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Willams & Wilkins, c2012)

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