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AMA Style Old Quick Guide


Complete book references including the following: 

  • Authors’ surnames and  initials (All listed unless more than 6, in that case list first 3 and "et al")
  • Title of book and subtitle, if any
  • Volume number and volume title, when there is more than one volume
  • Edition number (do not indicate first edition)
  • Name of publisher
  • Year of copyright
  • Page numbers, when specific pages are cited



1. Silverstein A, Silverstein VB, Nunn LS. Cancer. Twenty-First Century Books; 2006.

2. Maul-Mellott SK, Adams JN. Childhood Cancer: A Nursing Overview. Jones and Bartlett; 1987.


Notes on Book Chapters:

  • Chapters should be capitalized the same way as a journal article title and do not use quotation marks.
  • Cite author name (surname and initials) and name of chapter followed by In: rest of the whole book citation