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AMA Style Old Quick Guide

In-Text Citations

Certain elements need to be included when writing in the AMA format within the text. This includes:

  • In-text or manuscript citations should be used when paraphrasing, summarizing, or directly quoting. 
  • Block quotes are quotes longer than 4 lines. 
  • You should use a superscript in numerical form to cite your sources. The citations will be ordered based on the order presented in the paper
  • All superscript numbers are placed after quotation marks, commas, and periods


Headings are used to help organize the information presented.

  • Level 1 Headings should always be listed first with additional subheadings as appropriate. 
  • When using subheadings you should have at least two under the larger heading, do not directly go from level 1 to level 2 to level 3. 
  • All headings are left-justified
  • Headings should use a consistent style and typeface for each level, but the style used will vary from publisher to publisher. 


Example of Levels:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Format Standards

Because AMA formatting is dependent on the publisher where you may be submitting research it is helpful to pick a source for guidelines and be consistent from those guidelines. A suggested starting format comes from the National Institute of Health.