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LIT 2090: Literary Analysis (McCartney)

1) Go to the library homepage, and click on the OhioLINK tab.  In the OhioLINK search bar, type the book title or general topic you're looking for and hit enter.


2) From the search results, find the item you want (a book The Student's Survival Guide to Research):


3) Click on the book title to view more details. Before requesting an item in OhioLINK, make sure:

  • it's status is listed as AVAILABLE for at least one OhioLINK library, and...
  • it is not currently available for check out at CU (if unavailable, you'll see a due date listed) 


4) Click on the green Request button next to the item you want to request


5) In the next screen, select Cedarville Univ from the drop-down menu. Then click the Submit above information button.

6) Enter your first and last name in the first box. In the BARCODE box, enter your CU ID number, prox number, or barcode number and click Submit.

Note: As a Cedarville student, you can actually request items be sent to a different university instead of Cedarville University (default), if you happen to be closer to another OhioLINK university at the time of your request and prefer to pick up the materials there. Just change the Pickup Institution to another university in the drop down menu, then click Submit. 


7) Next you'll see a confirmation screen. Before exiting, make sure your request was successful. Your OhioLINK item should arrive at Cedarville in 3-5 business days. We'll send you an email when it's ready to be picked up!


If you want to cancel an OhioLINK request, log in to My Library Account and follow these instructions. Make sure you select the right item to cancel, then hit Update List button at the bottom of the screen. (If the item is already IN TRANST, you cannot cancel the request.) 

Click the YES button to confirm that you want to cancel the request.


For more details about requesting, renewing, and returning OhioLINK books, please see the Centennial Library Circulation Policy. It includes information such as the number of OhioLINK books you can have checked out a time, how many weeks they can be checked out, and how many times you can renew OhioLINK books.