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CRJU 1310: Introduction to Criminal Justice (Meacham)

Brainstorming Keywords

When beginning your research, start to brainstorm keywords (search terms) that you can use.


Try to think of synonyms for your chosen forensic technique. Say you are researching facial recognition.

Some similar terms could be:

  • face recognition
  • human face recognition 
  • facial recognition system
  • facial recognition technology or software


Also think of related subtopics or phrases for your overarching topic.

For instance, when researching facial recognition you might also want to search: 

  • surveillance
  • ID verification
  • privacy concerns
  • digital policing


Finally consider using keywords related to the different elements of the technique that Prof. Meacham would like you to address in your research project, such as the nature of the technique, how it is developed, its admissibility in court, etc. 


If you need help, use this keyword generator to walk you through the process.