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MATH 3800: Research Methods in Mathematics

Recommended resources for students in Research Methods in Mathematics

BibTex Tutorial

Research Tips: MATHEMATICS

Tip #1 

  • STEP #1 - Use Centennial Library's MathSciNet, as well as Web of Science, Math ArXiveGoogle Scholar and others to begin your research and to identify current background information, news, videos and and related links to scholarly journals. Make sure to take notes (subtopics, key words, title, author, important ideas) and save your sources (make sure to use permalinks and not the search URL).


Tip #2  

  • STEP #2 - Begin using BibTeX to quickly manage citations and create a quick bibliography. BibTeX is ntended to work in combination with the typesetting system LaTeX.


Tip #3  

  • STEP #3 - Create a Working Outline to establish a basic roadmap for your writing.  Use the notes and source data from STEP #1 to help you fill out the outline from the central question and thesis to main points, sub-points and transition/concluding statements.


‚ÄčTip #4  

  • STEP #4 - Sign up for a Research Appointment with your STEM/Business Faculty Librarian for extra support in navigating databases and the research process.


Tip #5