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MATH 3800: Research Methods in Mathematics

Recommended resources for students in Research Methods in Mathematics

Plagiarism: An Overview

Cite Your Sources

CU professors expect you to cite your sources for research papers, projects, and assignments.

From Cedarville's Student Handbook: Academic Integrity Statement and Procedures:

"The Academic Integrity Pledge is a commitment to live with integrity in all areas of life including the classroom. All forms of academic dishonesty violate this pledge and could result in dismissal from this community."

Check the library's citation help page for additional resources.

Plagiarism can come in a variety of forms:

  • Failing to adequately cite the sources you consulted for your paper
  • Self-plagiarism, meaning you resubmit a paper you've previously written for another course
  • Allowing someone else to write your paper and then submitting it as your own (ex. from a classmate, alumnus, or paper mill)

This is not an exclusive list, but it should give you an idea of what plagiarism means.

Additional Resources

Tips on Avoiding Plagiarism