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CRJU 1310: Introduction to Criminal Justice (Oliver)

Finding Scholarly Research

Once you understand your topic and you've done some pre-research, start looking for scholarly sources.

Use a combination of OneSearch, Criminal Justice databases, Google's Advanced Search, and Google Scholar. 


Limit to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journal articles, or adjust the Publication Date to the most recent research.



Add additional keywords. Connect synonyms with OR to look articles with similar terms or related concepts. 


Use AND to combine your topic with subtopics.

Criminal Justice Databases

Searching individual databases that contain criminal justice publications helps limit the scope of your search. 

Some Criminal Justice databases I recommend are:

Google Advanced Search

Use Google's Advanced Search to further refine your results. 


You can search for exact phrases, exclude certain words, and even limit to certain sites, like .gov websites:

Google Scholar

Search your topic in Google Scholar. Pay attention to suggested search terms if you need inspiration. 

Look for results that have E-resources @ Cedarville to get full-text access. Related searches can give you more ideas.

CU Books and OhioLINK

To find books on your topic, search CU Books or OhioLINK

Search your research topic in the search bar, like "identity theft". You'll find search results like these: 

Take a close look at the Subjects for these books. If you click on one, it will lead you to related books.