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ENG 1400: English Composition (Clark)

A research guide for students of Professor Clark's English Composition class.


This guide has been designed to help students in Professor Clark's Composition course.

Here you will find links to databases, books, and other resources that will help you research various cultures. 

Online Resources for Culture Overviews

CIA World Factbook

World Book Advanced

World Book Advanced (Library Database)

CultureGrams (Library Database)

BBC News Country Profiles

Reference Books for Culture Overviews (use in Library only)

Cultures and Daily Life

 REF 305.8003 W928 or e-Book

Click here to view library record

Operation World

REF 266 M273O

Click to view library record

The World Today Series

REF 940s - 980s

Click here to view library record

World Popular Culture

REF 306.03 G816

Ethnic Groups Worldwide

REF 305.8 L664E


Ethnic Groups of Europe

REF 305.80094 E84


Recommended Databases for Scholarly Research on Cultures

Search Engines

Databases Focused on Geographic Region or Ethnicity

Databases Focused on International Issues and Politics

Databases with Film Reviews

Research Tips!


When researching foreign films, consider all the different spellings for your keywords. 

For example, when researching Sophie Scholl, consider researching using the keyword White Rose and its German spelling, Weisse Rose or Die Weiße Rose.


Other Sources

Museum websites and university archives can also be useful sources for your research.