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Citation Guide: AMA


AMA Manual 3.13.8

· Cite items that are not published or accepted for publication in the

   text only and not in the reference list.

  These findings have recently been corroborated (H. E. Marman, MD, 

  unpublished data, January 2005).

  Numerous studies12-20 (also H. E. Marman, MD, unpublished data, 2005)
  have described similar findings.

Not Yet Published

AMA Manual 3.13.8; 3.15.10

· Presented in a meeting but not yet published

  3. Durbin D, Kallan M, Elliott M, Arbogast K, Cornejo R, Winston F. Risk of
      injury to restrained children from passenger air bags. Paper presented
      at: 46th Annual Meeting of the Association for the Advancement for 

      Automotive Medicine; September 2002; Tempe, AZ.

  4. Greenspan A, Eerdekens M, Mahmoud R. Is there an increased rate of
      cerebrovascular events among dementia patiens? Poster presented at:
      24th Congress of the Collegium Internationale Neuro-

      Psychopharmacologicum (CINP); June 20-24, 2004; Paris, France.

  5. Khuri FR, Lee JJ, Lippman SM, et al. Isotretinoin effects on head and
      neck cancer recurrence and second primary turmors. In Proceedings
      from the American Socieity of Clinical Oncology; May 31-June 3, 2003;

      Chicago, IL. Abstract 359.

  6. Hormone replacement therapy [Morning Edition audio]. National Public
      Radio. August 5, 2002.

      /story.php?storyId=1147833.  Accessed March 4, 2004.

  7. Collins F. Talk presented at: National Human Research Protections
      Advisory Committee; April 9, 2001; Bethesda, MD.
      /ohrp/nhrpac/mtg04-01/0409mtg.txt. Accessed February 26, 2004. 

   Cite presentations as a book - IF they are published.

· Accepted for publication but not yet published

  8. Ofri D. Incidental Findings: Lessons From My Patients in the Art of
      Medicine. Boston, MA: Beacon Press. In press.

Personal Communications

AMA Manual 3.13.9; 3.15.9

· Obtain permission from authors before citing their personal
· Cite personal communications in the text only and not in the
   reference list.
· Give the date of communication.
· Indicate whether it was in oral or written (including email) form.
· Give the author's or speaker's highest academic degree.
· Include the author's or speaker's affiliation - IF it would better

   establish the relevance and authority of the citation.

  According to a letter from H. E. Marman, MD, in August 2005...

  According to the manufacturer (H. R. Smith, oral communication, May

  2005), the drug became available in Japan in January 2004.

  There have been no subsequent reports of toxic reactions in the exposed
  groups (Joan Smith, MD, e-mail communication, March 29, 2004.