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HUM 1400: Intro to Humanities

CU Books on Reserve (Use in Library)

Visit the Library's Service Desk to access these books. These books are "on reserve" meaning you use them in the Library instead of checking them out and taking them with you. We do this so all Humanities students have equal access to these great books. Simply use these books in the Library, then bring back to the Service Desk when done.


OhioLINK Books

These are books located at other college libraries in Ohio.  As a CU student, you can request these books from other libraries in an online portal called OhioLINK by entering your name and barcode number (all 14 digits on ID card).  The books will be sent to Cedarville's Library and arrive in 3-5 business days.  Once you get the email notification that your book has arrived, come to the Library and check it out at the Service Desk.