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Copying or Displaying Recorded Works: Advice for Faculty

Disclaimer: Information on this guide is based on the studied opinions of CU librarians, but is not legal advice.


Can I Get Permission to Use It?
How do I get permission to use protected resources?


1. Find out who own it

  • Look at the copyright notice, if there is one

  • Work made for hire - employer owns copyright if work was prepared by employee in the scope of his or her employment (U.S. Copyright Law 101)
  • If, after several attempts, you cannot identify the copyright owner, use the work


2. Find out how to contact them


3. Give the following information to copyright owner:

  • Who you are
  • Specifically what you want to use
  • Why you want to use it
  • How long it will be used
  • Who will have access to it
  • How it will be accessed


4. Negotiate price

  • Expect to pay some fee
  • Sometimes the copyright owner will require no payment


5. Keep written records

  • Keep written records of your quest to find the copyright owner
  • Keep coy of all correspondence and forms from the copyright owner


Contact Jeff Gates if you need help getting permission