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EGME 2410: Properties of Engineering Materials



The purpose of this project is to expose you to the cutting-edge of materials engineering research. Reading and summarizing these cutting-edge articles will help you improve your scientific literacy in the materials engineering field as well as help build confidence in your ability to read and communicate at a professional level.



  1. Select an article from the list of AB Articles list designated below (This list is also found in CANVAS)
  2. Write a one-page (approximately 200 words) summary of the article using the format of annotated bibliographies taught in ENG 1400.  if you have not taken the class or need a refresher, information about annotated bibliographies can be found here: (See also "How to Prepare an Annotation" page in left hand column of this libguide)




  1. Using the first article you selected as a starting point, find nine more articles (one for each AB assignment) that relates to original articles topic
  2. Articles need to be:
    1. Peer-Reviewed
    2. Published within the last 5 years
    3. Primary Sources (original research, not reviews or opinions)
    4.  It would be advantageous to locate and download all nine articles at one time so you do not have to repeat these steps (See the "RefWorks" page in teh left hand column of this libguide for additional support organizing these sources)
  3. For each assignment, write a one-page (approximately 200 words) summary of the article using the format of annotated bibliographies outlined above in the FIRST STEPS. 
  4. Include at the top of each assignment, the proper APA or MLA citation of the article (See Online & Digital Resources section below and "RefWorks" page in the left hand column for assistance in correct citation formatting)
  5. If you have difficulty with finding articles, please seek help from your STEM Faculty Librarian (Nathanael Davis,, Lib 112) or from your instructor.

Online & Digital Resources