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EGME 2410: Properties of Engineering Materials

Final Project - Synthesis of Research


  1. Write 1-2 page synthesis of the research presented in your 10 articles. Your synthesis should include:
    1. Summary of the state of teh art current research
    2. Critical Issues facing the advancement  of the science/needs for future research
    3. Relationships of the research topic to the Mechanical Engineering curriculum and/or your interests and studies
    4. Use of the Proposed Research in relation to a Christian worldview (Biblical Integration) 
  2. Make sure to use either MLA or APA format (See RefWorks for citation formatting support)
  3. Video Tutorial: on How to Create an Annotated Bibliography using RefWorks
  4. Include the 10 AB Assignments as an appendix after the synthesis with any corrections from the returned original assignments


See the Rubrics/Grading Guides available on CANVAS for all writing assignments

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