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PYCH 3730: Research Methods


1. Concise and Clear - Make sure that you are writing in a clear and concise manner. Avoid vague expressions such as they, we, people, etc. 

2. Make Connections - Connect evidence, theories, and conclusions within your paper. Items should connect to show how they interplay to one another. 

3. Plain Language - Write in a plain and straightforward manner to share your research and information. Avoid personal experiences and descriptive writing. 

4. Evidence-Based Reasoning - Support your paper with scholarly sources and the evidence you can glean from them. 

5. Thesis - Driven - Your paper should be driven by your thesis or research question. This forms the foundation for the rest of your paper. 

APA Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms

The thesaurus provided in PsycINFO is a list of the preferred term that should be used to search a particular subject in the database. This is called a controlled vocabulary and will allow you to narrow your searches to more relevant articles. 

How to Access and Use Thesaurus