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Scholars Symposium 2023: Allied Health

To advocate and advance the scholarly work of students and faculty at Cedarville University

Allied Health

Effects of KT Tape on Wrist Extensor Muscle Strength

Ashley L. McNamara (Undergraduate) Emma C. Taylor (Undergraduate), and Hope A. Struthers (Undergraduate) 

KT tape has been used all over the world and for many different sporting events. However there has been a lot of controversy around whether it is helpful to the athletes or not. When looking at the literature KT tape has been used for many different things. One thing it has been used for is grip strength. The literature has gone back and forth on whether KT tape improves or does not improve muscle strength. However not much research has been done around grip strength. The purpose of our study was to test handgrip strength while the wrist extensor muscles are taped. We looked at a baseline measurement, a measurement immediately after taping, and a measurement 48 hours later. We recruited college age students through a recruitment email. Our inclusion criteria was that they had to be 18- 24 and healthy. Our exclusion criteria consisted of any wrist injuries, carpal tunnel, any muscle disease, or any neurological disorder. This study was done through informed consent and IRB approval.