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BIO 4800: Sr. Seminar - Biology

Welcome to Your Sr. Seminar Research Guide!

WELCOME to your BIO 4800 Library Guide.  In this guide you will find detailed information and instructions to help guide you complete the senior seminar course. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to explore the scientific writing process and develop your skills as an effective communicator. Please take time to review your syllabus and the instructions given by your instructor on how best to use this guide in your coursework. 

TO BEGIN: Start by reviewing each tab at the left-hand column. These tabs correspond with the expected outcomes of this course and lead progressively from starting the research process to completion of your seminar presentation.  I strongly encourage you to carefully walk through each element presented within the individual pages and utilize the links appropriately. As always, at each step please consult with your instructor or advisor as the final authority for establishing course and assignment specific requirements.

Seminar Overview

Timeline of Course Requirements

  1. The Research Librarian (within 2 weeks)
  2. Topic Submission (within 3 weeks)
  3. Literature Review (week 3)
  4. Topic Roasts (weeks 6 & 7)
  5. Draft Presentation (week 10)
  6. Abstract (weeks 11 & 12)
  7. Seminar Presentation! (week 13) 
  8. Major’s Field Test (week 14)
  9. Nature of Science Assessment (week 15)

Attendance to Seminar

Remember, You are required to attend at least 20 seminars during your time at Cedarville University

  • 10 must be completed by your senior year
  • 10 more to be attended during your senior year

Student-Advisor Agreement

  • You must meet with your advisor and receive approval for your proposed topic and thesis