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GBIO 1000: Principles of Biology

Writing a Thesis Statement

Writing a Thesis Statement doesn't have to be difficult.  Here is some meaningful advice for developing your thesis statement for this project:

Every Thesis Statement has the Following Elements:

  1. Topic: What is the essential matter of your research paper (ex: Christian Worldview and Origins)
  2. A Position: State your position or argument (ex: for or against a specific worldview perspective)
  3. And Evidence: Summarize the evidence that you will use to support your worldview perspective in short phrases beginning with a strong verb (ex: provides, communicates, establishes, etc.) that supports your evidence (ex: intimate understanding of the nature of the universe,  express purpose for human life, a means to personal fulfillment).

Together these elements combine to communicate a defensible thesis statement:

EX: The Christian worldview, as supported by the Biblical scripture, outlines a clear and sufficient perspective on the origins of life as it provides an intimate understanding of the nature of the universe, communicates the express purpose for human life, and establishes a means of personal fulfillment.

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