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GBIO 1000: Principles of Biology

A research guide for the "Biological Issues and Our Society" assignment.

GBIO 1000: Principles of Biology

This guide has been created for students in GBIO 1000: Principles of Biology.

On this guide, you will find links to OneSearch, citation help, and links to other resources. If you need help, look for the contact information and chat boxes on this guide.

You might also want to review our Biology Resource Guide for additional resources.

Biological Issues and Our Society

The purpose of this assignment is twofold: a) to acquaint you more fully with some of issues of our society which arise from biological and technological innovations, and (b) to challenge you to evaluate these issues from a moral and ethical position that is grounded in Scripture. This project gives you the opportunity to evaluate the principles and concepts of biology applied in the real world from a biblical worldview. This assignment represents 11% of your final grade.


Your BIOS report will include two components as follows:

  1. A four-to-five page written report in which you define the scope of your topic and considerations in evaluating the topic from a Christian worldview. Each group member is expected to contribute to the writing of the paper.
  2. An oral presentation with a media component which is presented jointly by group members. Each group member is expected to participate in the media based presentation. 

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