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HLMU 2310: Intro to Music Literature


Welcome! This guide has been created for students in HLMU 2310: Intro to Music Literature.

On this guide, you will find resources for your research assignments and citation help.  If you need any advice, feel free to reach out to me, your Humanities Librarian, for one-on-one help. 

Primary and Secondary Source Research Assignment

Use this well-respected encyclopedia found in the Reference Section for the New Groves task.

Visit the Service Desk in the Library find a reading in Struck's Source Readings in Music History.

Online Music Encyclopedia Assignment

Click one of the online music encyclopedias below to find an article to review.

Research Articles Assignment

Search these online databases for scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. 

These other databases also contain scholarly articles on music research.

Composer's Life & Works Assignment

Search CU Books to find a composer's biography, musical score, and a primary source.

Book and Peer Review Assignment

JSTOR is a great database for book reviews. Use the Advanced Search and narrow item type to "Reviews".

Resources for Musical Tracks

Resources for Musical Scores