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LIT 2090: Literary Analysis (Calhoun)

A Good Reminder...

When researching these different literary theories, keep in mind Dr. Deardorff's purpose for this course:

We will in this course affirm truth, reject falsehood, and redeem ideas via Christian intellectual enterprise. In doing so, we seek to bring Glory to God, moving closer to what it means to be a Christian scholar.

Kirsten Setzkorn | Humanities Librarian


Kirsten Setzkorn, Humanities Librarian


Cultural Contexts

Literary Lenses! You will learn how to apply interdisciplinary theories and cultural contexts to literature. While there are many theories out there that you will learn about in later courses, this semester you will focus on Feminist, Marxist, and Psychological contexts. Make sure you have a good understanding of each theory so you can recognize them in the texts you are reading!

Here are books that will give you a jump start to understanding them:

Feminist Contexts

Marxist Contexts

Psychological Contexts