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Streaming Videos

Linking or Embedding Films in Canvas

Kanopy - Linking

  • Select the film from CU's Kanopy portal page
  • Click the Share button below the video. Copy the Share link

  • Paste the link into Canvas. For example: 

  • You can also create a hyperlink by typing the name of film, highlighting it, and using the Link to URL button. 

  • If accessing from off-campus, students will be asked to sign in with their CU username and password.


Kanopy - Embedding

  • Click the Share button. Toggle to the Embed view.  Copy the embed code.

  • You can customize the size of the video player using the dropdown The default is set to Large (640 x 390)
  • Paste the embed code into Canvas. You must switch to the HTML Editor in the top right corner. Then hit Save.

Swank Digital Campus - Linking

  • Select the film from Swank's Portal page.
  • A popup appears at the bottom of the screen. Click Share.