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Streaming Videos

Embedding Films in Canvas (Kanopy Only)

Note: Embedding films in Canvas is complex and requires a good understanding of HTML coding.


Copy the Film's Embed Code

1. Find your film in the Currently Licensed Films gallery or the Cedarville's Kanopy Portal

2. Find the Share button towards the bottom of the screen. Click it. 


3. Find the Embed This Video section. Click Copy Link and the button will change to say Link Copied! 


Paste the Embed Code in Canvas

1. Navigate to the Canvas course and page where you want the video to be embedded. 

2. When editing, the default view is the Rich Text Editor.  You must switch to the the HTML Editor view in the bottom right corner, indicated by the < / > symbol. (Do not try to paste the embed code in the Rich Text Editor view.)

3. Once in the HTML Editor view, paste the code at the top of the box. Do not hit save yet! 


4. Unfortunately, the video link within the embed code does not include the Cedarville proxy to allow students to view off-campus. You need to modify the embed code to include this special proxy.

Find the src= portion of the coding, and immediately after the ' (single quote mark), paste this additional coding:

5. Your embed code is now ready! Hit Save in the bottom right.