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Linking to Films in Canvas (Swank and Kanopy)

Copy the Film's Link

1. Locate your film in the Currently Licensed Films gallery (for example, Arrival


2. Right-click on the movie cover and select Copy link address in the popup. (You can also right-click the View in Swank Portal or View in Kanopy Portal links below the covers and hit Copy link address.) The movie link will be automatically copied to clipboard and ready for you to paste!


Alternative Method:

If you looking at the film's record in the CU catalog (CU Books), right click on Resource online at Swank link in the middle of the page. Choose Copy link address in the popup:



Paste the Film Link into Canvas

1. Open your Canvas course and begin editing the page where you want the link to appear. 

2. Start typing instructions for your students, and select or highlight the word you want to hyperlink to the film. Click the Link icon above and choose External Links

3. A popup window appears. Paste the link you copied earlier into the Link field. Click Done.


4. The link to the Swank film is now hyperlinked in the text! Scroll to the bottom of the Canvas page and click Save


5. The link is saved and ready for your students to click! 


Important Note! 

Do not simply copy the Share link provided by the Kanopy or Swank platforms. These links do not include a special proxy link that enables Cedarville students to view the films off-campus.