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Streaming Videos

Streaming Video Graphic

What are Streaming Video Services?

Streaming video services are becoming increasing popular in universities and academic libraries.  With collections curated by vendors and catered to an academic audience, streaming videos are a great educational tool!

Streaming videos give you the freedom to:

  • save class time - flip the classroom and assign films outside of class
  • embed films directly into Canvas
  • create custom clips and playlists 
  • watch videos anywhere, anytime, on almost any device
  • host movie nights with public performance rights

What will Academic Streaming look like at Cedarville?

The Library will license films on a title-by-title basis as requested by faculty. Therefore the collection of streaming films available to the Cedarville community will vary by academic year. We are not opening the entire collections of Kanopy and Swank movies to our students due to cost and content considerations.