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Why Use Write-N-Cite?

What could be easier than clicking a button to cite references while you write your paper? Write-N-Cite allows you to cite references from your RefWorks account with just a few clicks.

With Write-N-Cite you can choose from thousands of bibliography styles and watch as it instantly formats your in-text citations, footnotes and bibliography.

Creating a Bibliography

Refworks allows you to create a bibliography from one of your folders, or from individual references in your account.

1) To create a bibliography from a folder, click on the folder so that it's highlighted, and then click on the quotation marks button at the top of your screen. Then click Create bibliography


2) On the next screen, select the citation style you wish to use from the menu. For example, we'll select APA 6th


3) Click on the Copy to Clipboard button. The text will then highlight, and you can copy it into the document program of your choice (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.). Be sure to check spellings, punctuation, etc. in the bibliography for any errors.