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Import References from Previous Versions

If you had or have an account with the previous version of RefWorks, you can import your references into the new version by following the instructions below. Alternatively you can follow the instructions on Moving from Legacy to New RefWorks.

1) From the new RefWorks main screen, click on the '+' button and then click Import References


2) Next, click on the RefWorks button under 'Import from another reference manager'


3) You will then be prompted to authenticate with the previous version of RefWorks by clicking the Authorize button


4) You should now see the login for the previous version of RefWorks. Login with your previous login and password


5) If the import is successful, you should see an 'Import complete' screen with the number of references and folders that were imported into the new version of RefWorks. Click OK.


6) Click on the My Folders tab on the left to see the imported references and folders